Advanced Repeater and AMP Solution

Choose Repeaters for Different Applications

ICS Repeaters and RF repeaters generally capture the weak signal from the remote BTS via donor antenna, later amplify, and transmit the strengthened signal into a building or an area where signal is weak/blind. Meanwhile, the mobile signal can also be amplified and able to return to the BTS vice versa.

Therefore, they re-bridge a fluent communication path between BTS and mobiles. They are widely used in many different applications such as hotels, exhibition centers, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots, etc. to improve in-building coverage. Especially in the distributed antenna (DAS) system, they can be regarded as the essential part of the whole network system.

For outdoors, They can adapt to airports, tourism regions, golf courses, tunnels, factories, mining districts, villages and so on scenarios. RF repeater is a more cost-effective solution than to adding a new BTS to improve coverage and communication quality. We are a professional RF repeater supplier, dedicated to provide high quality coverage solutions to the world.

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Sangshin ICT provides customers with low cost high performance RF and microwave amplifier modules for both commercial and defense applications. These include

- High Power amplifiers
- Broadband power amplifiers
- Super low noise amplifiers
- Input Protected low noise amplifiers
- Broadband low noise amplifiers
- General Purpose Low Cost Gain Block Amplifiers