Choose RF Filters For Different Applications

SSICT specializes in providing custom bandpass,bandreject,highpass and lowpass filter solutions for a wide range of applications. Our in house design software, multiple deposition platform options and 30 years’ experience dealing with a wide range of applications allow you to optimize filter performance and cost for your needs.
The resulting filters also have exceptionally high transmittance levels and blocking providing the highest signal with the lowest background for your application.
We partner with you from prototype to volume production to support you and the success of your business. Our filters are all deposited using energetic sputtering, ensuring a hard durable, environmentally stable coating. We are able to prototype and assess what to expect when it comes to the applicable performance of Cavity Filter designs. One of the more difficult aspects of interdigital/combline filter production is the physical dimensions and making sure that the simulated designs can properly be translated to the physical component.

Various Types of Band Combiner, POI, TMA, etc

Sangshin ICT

includes a broad range of both performance characteristics and unique applications. Cavity Filters are typically used to make bandpass filters with improved performance. The typical interdigital/combline filter can properly increase the passband insertion loss and rejection points to specifications that are difficult for lumped element technology to achieve.